If you want top-notch casement windows for your Kansas City home, call Blue Springs Siding and Windows. We carry Soft-Lite windows – the best replacement windows in the industry. Soft-Lite casement windows provide superior energy savings and the lowest air infiltration of any window on the market. With our unmatched window installation services, you’ll have a window that was meant for your home.

Casement Versus Awning Windows

Casement windows are known for their ability to open and close using a crank. As a result, they’re also often called “crank windows.” Whether you want casement or awning windows depends on where you are planning on putting them. Both are mounted on hinges for opening, with the only difference between them being the direction in which they swing.

Casement windows:

Swing left or right

Awning windows:

Swing up or down

Casement windows

Awning windows

Casement Windows: A Practical Choice

Casement windows are a popular replacement window option for homeowners for many reasons. For one, they offer great views. They’re also easy to open, as all you need to do is turn the crank. Among all window types, casement windows provide the best ventilation, catching outside air along their panels and pulling it inside. Whether you want them placed in a vertical or horizontal space, both are available. Design your own casement or awning window using our window showcase.

Tips for Casement Window Buyers

Over the years, many people in the Kansas City area have installed casement windows for their access to fresh air and the largely unfiltered view of the outside. Our modern window replacements are energy efficient and easy to clean. You’ll want to purchase casement windows with heavy duty frames. Vinyl clad is a solid choice for frames because of its durability and ease of cleaning.

Casement Windows to Last a Lifetime

When you buy your casement windows from us, you not only get the highest quality windows, you also get expert window installation services. Because we install the best and use the best window contractors in the business, we stand behind our windows with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. With quality materials and installation, we assure that your casement windows will last a lifetime – and that they’ll be a great addition to your home.

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