Imagine walking into any room in your home and seeing it filled with light. The sun’s rays reflect across the space, making it look brighter and bigger. Imagine looking out your window and seeing a completely unobstructed view of nature: the sturdy, tall trees; the lush, green grass; the blooming, succulent flowers; and the crisp, blue sky.

Without windows in your home, you wouldn’t be able to experience either of these scenarios for yourself. Even if you do have windows in your home, they may not provide you with the picturesque, illuminating, and eye-opening scenes you wish to see.

Don’t settle for a mediocre view of your backyard or a low-level of light in your home. Instead, install new windows to enhance your home and how you view the world outside it. Below, we discuss a few window types that work best to help you meet these goals.

Casement Windows

Probably the most common kind of window, casement windows serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. The glass is attached inside a frame that is held together by one or more hinges. Traditional casement windows are hinged on either side and can open inwards or outwards.

Casement windows that are hinged on top are called awning windows and are pulled upwards to open. Some casement windows, called hoppers, are hinged on the bottom and pulled from top to bottom to open. All casement windows are equipped with a casement stay that holds them open.

Casement windows come in various designs, from single-paneled glass windows to multiple-paned latticed windows. You can place to casement windows side by side to open up a space and let more light stream in. And because these windows open in any direction, you can easily clean them when they become dirty.

Why They’re Ideal for a Home

The entire window opens completely, allowing you to let more light and air into your home. You have a much more open space so you can appreciate nature. Additionally, the locks inside casement windows are shaped like hooks and are embedded within the window frame. This structure makes the windows incredibly difficult to break into, keeping your home safer from break-ins.

Picture Windows

If you enjoy having a larger view of the outside world but don’t mind having a window that doesn’t open, picture windows are perfect for you. These windows are typically made of one pane of glass and usually don’t open. They merely serve an aesthetic purpose by providing you with a larger view of your property.

Most homeowners love the simple build and appearance of picture windows. However, others do prefer having an extra design element attached to the windows. Instead of leaving the panes framed on the edges, some window experts craft frames that cross over each other to create smaller, square or rectangular designs on top of the window panes.

Why They’re Ideal for a Home

You can easily combine picture windows with other window types, or you can make them the only window in a room. And because these large, wide windows let in copious amounts of sunlight, you won’t have to use electricity as much in your home.

They even make a fantastic focal point for any room, drawing your family members and guests to the gorgeous simplicity it offers.

Double Hung Windows

As another popular window type, double hung windows are both convenient and easy to use. You can open these windows on either the top or bottom. The windows also tilt inwards, allowing more air to trickle into the room. These windows also come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, making them the most versatile window on the market.

Why They’re Ideal for a Home

Since double hung window frames come in different materials like fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and vinyl, you can match them to any design aesthetic you want. The windows are also highly durable and easy to clean. Additionally, double hung windows (unlike picture windows and casement windows), easily adjust to safely fit an air conditioner in the space.

Bow and Bay Windows

Both of these windows add timeless elegance to any room in your home. Bay windows combine three or more windows and project them outwards. Bow windows, on the other hand, look just like bay windows but use four or more windows to create a curved structure.

Usually, the outside panes open while the inner pane (or panes, depending on which window type you use) stay fixed in place.

Why They’re Ideal for a Home

These windows create a modern, appealing look for your home. They also work perfectly for creating cross breezes in any room. And because they’re made up of so many panes of glass, they let in more natural light than standard windows do.

Since these windows also curve outwards, they create an extra space indoors that you can use as an indoor garden space, reading nook, or breakfast area.

Use the information found above to select the perfect windows for your home. Still not sure which windows best suit your home and design preferences? Work with the window experts from Blue Springs Siding & Windows. We specialize in these window types, so we know exactly which window will work best for your home’s space and your aesthetic aspirations.