Holiday Window DecorationsYour windows are the eyes of your Kansas City area home. They allow those passing by a glimpse into your life. So this year, protect them from the holiday bustle by using damage-free festive decorations. The window experts at Blue Springs Siding & Windows give you three decorating ideas that will still show off your holiday cheer while keeping your windows scratch free.

Use Your Curtain Rod to Its Full Potential

Did you know your curtain can multitask? It can do so much more than just hold up your drapery. This holiday season use it to help display unused ornaments, candy canes, even wreaths. Use decorative ribbon or string, or clear fishing line to hang any of the aforementioned decor from your curtain rod. You can hang them all in a straight line, or at varying lengths. This creates a cascading look that can be particularly enchanting with multi-colored and sparkling ornaments that catch the light as they hang.

Light the Way

Another way to add some festive flair to your windows this holiday season without damaging them is to add a little light. A little light and sparkle is the theme of the season anyhow. But forgo real wax candles which can be a fire hazard and leave behind wax drippings that are difficult to remove from window frames. Instead, opt for battery operated faux candles. They still have the same effect that a real candle does, without the damage and danger, and they will last for years to come because they won’t dwindle down with use like real candles.

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Stickers That Won’t Leave Marks on Your Windows

Stickers are a great way to decorate Christmas cards and homemade ornaments, but not for windows. This year, get the kids involved in a fun and festive craft. Let them help you make window clings out of puffy paint. Use the puffy paint to draw out festive shapes on wax paper. Let it dry over night and you’re ready to decorate those windows. Window clings are great because they don’t require any tape, glue, or other adhesive. They peel off of windows with ease and don’t leave any residue or marks on your windows. This means they won’t damage your windows.

If you already have damaged windows from past years’ holiday decorations, check out our Blue Springs Siding & Windows Guide to Choosing the Best Replacement Windows.

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