As you look at your home, you think that you could use some more space. Maybe you just need an extra room to host game nights. Or perhaps you just want a private area you can use to relax at the end of a hectic day at the office.

When you think of the different kinds of renovations you could do, you may wonder if adding a sunroom to your home will provide the perfect solution. Below, we offer four reasons why you should add a sunroom to your home and how you can incorporate this structure flawlessly.

1. Boost Your Home’s Value

If you ever want to sell your home, any change you make to your home inherently boosts its value. But by building a sunroom, you add a feature that many buyers on the market look for in a home. If you build a new room and turn it into a sunroom, you add extra square footage to your home-and buyers want more space for a reasonable price.

On the other hand, if you’re simply remodeling a current room into a sunroom, the added windows and features make the room-and your home more appealing to buyers.

2. Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Sunrooms, as their names suggest, add more sunlight to a space. Because you won’t have to use as much electricity to light up the space, you can reduce your overall energy consumption.

Additionally, the windows in sunrooms use unique features to further enhance your home’s energy efficiency. The glass used in the windows of your sunroom is designed specially to keep rooms warm in the wintertime and cool during the summer.

If you choose to make the entire sunroom out of glass, these same features are included in the surrounding glass so you can maintain an energy efficient home year-round.

3. Take Advantage of More Sunlight

Again, because sunrooms let more sunlight into your home, you can more easily take advantage of this natural light source. Not only can you take advantage of more natural light but you can also reap health benefits.

While overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause adverse side effects, low exposure to sunlight can provide ample health advantages, including:

  • Sunlight can aid clear-ups for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, and acne.
  • Sunlight exposure can increase your body’s serotonin levels and improve your overall mood.
  • Sunlight allows your body to release nitric oxide, a chemical compound known to lower blood pressure.

Exposure to sunlight also provides you with vitamin D your body needs to stay healthy. This additional vitamin D intake can strengthen your bones and prevent health issues like seasonal disorders and depression.

4. Add a Versatility to Your Home

Another great reason to install a sunroom to your home is that it adds versatility to your property. You don’t have any set purpose to use the room for, so you can do just about anything you want with it. Consider ideas such as those listed below.

Reading Nook

If you enjoy reading for hours on end, a sunroom can allow you to accomplish this dream. You can build in-wall bookshelves to house your favorite stories. Install large windows and even a skylight to let plenty of natural light flow into the space.

You can also add window seats with lots of fluffy pillows and blankets so you can lounge comfortably while you read.


Do you work from home? Rather than using your dining room or living room as your office space during the workday, convert your sunroom into a home office. Place your desk in front of your windows so you can work in the sunlight. If you use a computer to work, situate it accordingly to avoid glare on your screen.

Incorporate a few storage devices like shelves or filing cabinets to keep your important books and documents organized. You can also hang up wood, Venetian, or Roman blinds to cover the windows and prevent passersby from looking in.


If you have extended family or friends visiting for a weekend, don’t let them sleep on the couch or on an air mattress. Instead, turn your sunroom into a guest bedroom. Again, hang up different kinds of blinds to provide privacy at night.

Add a bed, dresser, and nightstand to accommodate your guests. You can also place a small couch or lounge chair in the room for an extra flair of decor.

Game Room

Throw up a game table and put in a few chairs to create a great game room you, your family, and your friends will love. Use shelves or cupboards to store your games in, and invest in a mini fridge so you can keep a few drinks and snacks close by.

Entertainment Room

Do you prefer to throw movie marathons in your home? Turn your sunroom into an in-home theater for all to enjoy. Again, you’ll want to have blinds over the windows so you can avoid glare on the TV screen. But move a few couches or recliners in the space, stock up on pillows and blankets, and keep the snacks flowing for an unforgettable evening.

Ready to Install Your Sunroom?

To take advantage of the benefits listed above, contact Blue Springs Siding & Windows so we can begin designing your new sunroom. Not sure exactly what you’d like your sunroom to do for your home? Our professionals can provide you with a few different options to choose from so you can make the most of this new space.