pristine siding with a small household vent

pristine siding with a small household vent

The siding on your home is one of your most important investments. It protects your home’s structure all year round and ensures top-notch curb appeal when properly maintained. Whether you opt for wood, fiber cement, vinyl siding, or another material, maintain its integrity and beauty by following these tips. From regular inspections and cleaning to protection against flammable household items, we’ll show you how to make your siding last in Kansas City, MO.

Inspect Siding Regularly

Inspect your siding twice yearly; fiber cement requires only an annual inspection. Look for streaks, warping, and other signs of moisture both on and beneath its surface to prevent rotting wood and mold. Rusty nails might indicate a moisture problem and can create streaks. Missing or exposed nails may signal siding movement – a potential sign of damage. Missing nails can also leave your siding vulnerable to falling off, as can deteriorated caulking. Seams and boards should look even if caulking was done correctly.

Keep It Clean

The elements can wreak havoc on home-building materials in Kansas City, MO. Ice, snow, rain, humidity, and intense sunlight can all take a toll on your home’s exterior. Keep your siding clean to ensure its good looks and protective qualities for years to come. Wash it annually to get rid of accumulated dust, grime, and mildew; a garden hose is enough to keep vinyl and fiber cement clean. Clean wood siding with soap, water, and a soft-bristled brush, eliminating mildewed spots with a solution of four parts water and one part bleach.

Store Household Goods with Care

Whatever material your siding is made from, store nearby items carefully. Never allow lawnmowers and other large items to rest against your home’s outer walls. Even heavy-duty vinyl can be dented by the force of a heavy item or crack when it becomes more brittle in cold weather. It’s equally important to maintain a safe distance when barbecuing. Your grill could melt vinyl siding or set fire to wood siding. Keep trees and shrubbery away from siding to prevent moisture transfer.

Maintain Your Siding with Blue Springs Siding and Windows

Even low-maintenance options like vinyl siding need a little TLC. With regular care and attention to detail, your siding will provide you with years of comfort and beauty. From summer’s heat and humidity to the most brutal winter weather, the unpredictable climate is no match for well-maintained house siding. If you want high quality siding that’s built to last for your Kansas City, MO home, contact Blue Springs Siding and Windows today.