wooden front door with six glass panes

wooden front door with six glass panes

When it comes to curb appeal, your front door is a major focal point. You want a great-looking entryway, but not at the expense of security. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice safety and durability for good looks. Blue Springs Siding in Kansas City, MO has what you need to choose the right option for your new door installation.


Your front door is an important investment, so choose one that’s tough enough for your needs. Wood is dent-resistant, and scratches can be easily buffed out. However, wood can suffer sun damage and warping due to moisture. While steel is more vulnerable to dents, it won’t crack, warp, or fade. If a knick does happen, it can be fixed with an autobody repair kit. Fiberglass resists denting and weather wear. It also stands up well to moisture, making it a great choice for humid climates like ours in Kansas City, MO.


Wood has an upscale look and can be easily painted and re-painted to suit your home’s architectural style and color scheme. Its hardiness in the face of wear and tear means it looks good for longer, though sun and wind can affect its vibrancy. However, you can get the wood look without the disadvantages of a wooden door. Fiberglass doors are available in wood-look finishes and textures; they can be stained for a more realistic wood-like appearance. Higher-end steel doors can sometimes be stained too, thanks to a coating of wood fiber or laminated wood veneer.


Affordability and less upkeep make steel and fiberglass popular door installation choices. Wood is more expensive, especially when you opt for solid wood, and requires more maintenance in the long run, in terms of painting and varnishing. However, unlike other materials, it can be planed to fit into a door frame attached to bowed or damaged studs. This option can save you quite a bit of money compared to the cost of repairing the frame. Steel is energy-efficient in all but the harshest climates, but glass panels can reduce its efficiency, adding seals and letting sunlight in. Meanwhile, fiberglass doors often have foam cores with insulating properties to help save on energy costs.

Blue Springs Siding Has the Door for You

There’s a door material for every lifestyle and budget. Everyone wants a front door that looks great while holding up under all kinds of weather conditions – something we can truly appreciate in Kansas City, MO. From standing up to hail to refusing to warp during even the most humid summers, there’s a heavy-duty option for your home. We hope our guide to entry door options helps you make the right choice. Call Blue Springs Siding when you’re ready for expert door installation.