Quality Entry Doors Blue SpringsWhile the term “builder-grade” may be misleading, don’t let it fool you. If you are building a new home, or are just replacing your current door, don’t try to save money by installing a builder-grade door. Trust the door experts of Kansas City . . . it’s not worth it. Here’s why you should be skeptical of builder grade doors, and why it pays to invest in a quality door for your home.

Energy Concerns

Builder-grade entry doors just aren’t a good option -lain and simple. These doors are usually made of hollow metal. There is no insulation in these doors and their frames are made of flimsy compounded wood or the same hollow metal. This has trouble spelled all over it. Builder-grade doors like this won’t do a very good job of protecting your home from the elements. They’ll be drafty, and you’ll be able to feel the chill or heat if you simply place your hand on the door. You’ll also see your energy bills end up costing you more when you have doors like this in your home.

Safety Concerns

These same issues (hollow door and flimsy frame), are also a cause for concern when it comes to the safety of your home and family. Builder-grade doors are just more flimsy. They can be easily kickedin and damaged, leaving your home susceptible to crime. If you live in an area where your safety is a concern, it is very important that you choose a higher quality door.

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What to Buy Instead

Instead of builder-grade doors, you should consider installing a door of higher quality. There is a hierarchy of door and construction quality materials that you should know and reference when shopping for new home materials. Here’s what you should keep in mind. These are ranked from the highest quality to the lowest.

  • Ultimate custom grade
  • Custom grade
  • Quality grade
  • Builder grade

Blue Springs Siding & Windows carries some of the most renowned door brands in the industry that will keep your home more comfortable, safer, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Call us at (816) 228-5225 944-3156 or come down to our showroom for more information on entry door replacement in Kansas City.