About Blue Springs Siding and Windows

My name is Mike Tulli, and I founded Blue Springs Siding and Windows back in 1998. I had worked for almost all of the big window and siding companies in town over the years. I was a master craftsman; an excellent installer who cared about quality and workmanship. Now, my purpose in telling you this is not to bash my competition. In fact, many of those companies do fine work. But in the end, I realized that they cared just a little bit more about the bottom line than about quality. To me, quality is and always will be number one.

A Quality Window and Siding Company

I decided that to get the level of quality that I needed, I would have to start my own company and set my own standards. And that’s how Blue Springs Siding and Windows was born. My intent was to start and manage a small window and siding installation company with an emphasis on quality. But since then, it has grown and grown. Now we serve all of the Kansas City metro area.

The Best Technicians and the Best Installations

My philosophy is simple: install the best quality products and use the best quality people to do it. That’s it. If my name is going on it, it must be quality. I simply will not stand behind something that isn’t top notch. Of all the window and siding companies in town, we may not offer the lowest prices, but that’s not who we want to be. We want to be the company that our customers recommend to their friends, family, and neighbors 10 years after they hire us. And I believe that’s who we are.

Lifetime Warranties on Parts and Labor

For the past 15 years, we have had an incredible record with the Better Business Bureau. Our quality control is tight, and I personally inspect every job at completion. With services from us, I can promise you one thing: You will be satisfied. You’ll be satisfied with the product, satisfied with the installation, and satisfied with the customer service. At Blue Springs Siding and Windows, the only BS you’ll ever get is in our name.

For a free consultation, contact us at (816) 787-0968 or (913) 631-2200 or fill out our online form.