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Now a Registered HERO Contractor!

HERO is a local government-approved program that makes energy-efficient home upgrades affordable for homeowners in Kansas City and North Kansas City. HERO offers 100% financing up to your approved amount, and payments are made along with your property taxes – and you repay the full amount over time. See if you qualify today!

Siding, Window & Door Company in Kansas City

Hello. I’m Mike Tulli, owner of Blue Springs Siding & Windows. There are a lot of siding and window installation companies in Kansas City. So why should you choose Blue Springs Siding & Windows? I’m glad you asked! Simply put, at Blue Springs Siding & Windows, we do the job right. We use the best materials and the best installation processes to ensure that you get the best quality for your dollar. Now, we realize that every other siding and window company in Kansas City will say the same thing. The difference with us is that we back it up.

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Best Installations in the Industry

If you have trouble with anything, at any time after the installation, Blue Springs Siding & Windows will be there to make it right. How can we offer such an ironclad guarantee? When you use the best products and they are installed by technicians who know what they are doing and more importantly CARE about how they are doing it, you’re going to get a great end result. Shoddy workmanship accounts for many problems after the installation. Trust me, we don’t want to be running around town repairing problems we made for ourselves. My crew knows quality is the top priority.

Hand-Picked Window and Siding Technicians in Kansas City

When I hire my team, I have to trust that they will do quality work. If not, I’m wasting time repairing things and that isn’t very smart. That’s why I hire the best technicians for siding, window, door, and sunroom installation. I never hire subcontractors. When you offer a guarantee as good as ours, I can’t afford to have anything less than the best working for me. And, while I have a great team, it’s my name that’s on the line, so I personally inspect each job upon completion. When you hire Blue Springs Siding & Windows you will get quality.

The bottom line is, when you need replacement windows, vinyl siding or James Hardie siding installed, entry doors, patio doors, sliding doors, storm doors, French doors, a sunroom, it’s all an investment in your home. If you want your Kansas City home to be hassle free, call Blue Springs Siding & Windows. We promise, the only BS you’ll ever get is in our name.


We Will ALWAYS Stand Behind Our Installations

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Customer Reviews

Blue Springs Siding & Windows
Blue Springs Siding & Windows is so good, I was satisfied with my job. Mike (the owner) came by and noticed something I would have never noticed or cared about, and he called his guys to come make it perfect. Amazing service!

Blue Springs Siding and Windows – Now a HERO Registered Contractor!

Blue Springs Siding and Windows is excited to announce some big news for all residents in Kansas City and North Kansas City! Our company is now a proud partner of the HERO Program, which stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity. And...

Picturesque, Illuminating, and Eye-Opening:

Imagine walking into any room in your home and seeing it filled with light. The sun's rays reflect across the space, making it look brighter and bigger. Imagine looking out your window and seeing a completely unobstructed view of nature: the...